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Parkinson’s Disease is primarily caused by low and falling levels of the dopamine neurotransmitters or chemical messengers.  A person with Parkinson’s has abnormally low dopamine levels. Dopamine-generating cells, known as dopaminergic neurons (types of nerve cells) in the substantia nigra part of the brain have died. Experts do not know why these cells die.


Most persons do not realize nicotine is an essential dietary ingredient.  We need two to five mg of nicotine in our diets daily.  (night shade vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, cauliflower and green peppers provide nicotine).  Nicotine has the smallest molecule of all food alkaloids and is the most effective agent at activating the brain’s dopamine receptors and inducing increased levels of melatonin, adrenalin and dopamine. 


Joseph Robert Knight. the chief scientist for the manufacturer, Microstrada Research, has patented the process of isolating the nicotine molecule from the other molecules to which it is naturally attached. Knight then found a way to penetrate the blood brain barrier with the nicotine molecule. Once inside the brain, the isolated nicotine molecules may reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Patients may have symptom reduction within seven (7) to thirty (30) days from the date of starting on Neophyn.


Other meds such as Levadopa can be taken concurrently with no known side effects. If a patient stops taking Neophyn, the symptoms of Parkinson’s may return.


Neophyn was approved in April 2018 by Health Canada, the Canadian equivalent of the FDA, for Neophyn as a novel food product.   In Health Canada, novel foods are regulated under the Novel Foods Regulations which define novel foods as products that have never been used as food, foods that result from a process that has not been previously used for food, or foods that have undergone genetic modification and have new traits with medicinal benefits.


Neophyn, is patented world wide and Neophyn is a registered trade mark of Microstrada Research LLC. Through new product mutual recognition agreements, the EU, the UK, Switzerland and Australia now also accept the Parkinson’s Relief Neophyn product number from Health Canada.

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