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Once your body has fully healed, routine chiropractic care can help ensure your physical problems do ..


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David Stella is a Henderson chiropractor who serves Henderson and the surrounding ..

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The Bio-Well device is a desktop camera that uses Gas Discharge Visualization to scan human energy fields..


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TrueRife is a frequency-based generator built on a computer based Windows or Mac ..


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From when I was very young I have always been interested in many different…


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 Bionic HydroTherapy™- Total body detoxification Detoxify ◊ Energize ◊ Balance..


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I offer low level laser treatment in my office. New research in a treatment called low level..


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Laser pads are positioned on specific problem areas, such as: upper arms, chin, abdomen..

Dr. David Stella has studied Dr. Robert Marshall’s brilliance as the founder of PRlabs.com. Here he learned to muscle test the patients biofield and their meridian points based on Chinese Medicine. These are energy points of the body that correlate to organs and body systems. In our biofield, the body knows what is essential for it thrive. Simply put, Dr. Stella guides you into tapping into your own biofield. Once tapped into your own biofield you can start to make wise choices on you path to wellness based on what your body wants.

Dr. David Stella has also studied the ancient wisdom of healers of our past. These wise people are known as Shamans. Dr. Alberto Villaldo PH.D. Is a shaman and is founder of The Four Winds. (Thefourwinds.com) He has combined the wisdom of Shamans with the neuroscience of today with David Perlmutter MD. They talk about clearing the luminous field and to create a new body with clearing techniques and nutrition. Dr. Stella has experienced at age 50 a youthfulness and child like spirit thru these techniques and his passion is to share these with all those that are willing to receive and learn, possibly, something new.

The various techniques and services in Dr Stella’s office focus around tapping into your biofield. Are you inflamed? Are you toxic with metals, herbicides and pesticides? Do you have underlying infections in you body such as parasites and viruses?
Is there energy in your field that is not yours? And lastly, what are you thinking? Are you in the highest frequency possible-Appreciation, or are you in the mind thought of fear, anxiety and anger? Dr. Stella works with a Life coach Gina Pero (GinaPero.com) who facilitates his patients in tapping into their highest possible selves in all aspects of living.

Dr. David Stella sees patients in his office or remotely. To schedule an appointment call 702-932-1798.

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