Toxicity comes in many different forms. For those that are interested in educating yourself and loved ones, there are now books, TV documentaries and more that teach us that we are living in perilous times. We can inform ourselves and become aware that we are exposed to more chemicals in the air, water and food than ever before in history. How do we rid our bodies of these metals, herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, ect? Our ground has less minerals to help sustain your bodies homeostasis. Are you receiving enough minerals with the food you are currently eating.? Are you familiar with EMF’s? Experts are now calling this the invisible killer. What can you do to remediate all the EMF’s that your body is being bombarded with 24/7. And what about the constant state of stress that we go thru daily? Do you know what that does to parts of our brain? Learning to shut off the flight and fight response that our body’s are subjected daily is vital to your brains health. Dr. Stella has spent countless hours educating himself of ridding the body of toxins, turning off the flight and fight response and remediating the EMF’s that we know now affect our biofield negatively.