Mariana Sobral

“I started to work with David Stella in April of 2017. I was looking to achieve overall wellness, becoming a healthier version of myself. At the time, I had joint pain, my blood pressure and cholesterol were rising, my weight was the highest it has ever been, my skin was still having some issues (ache), and I could not sleep no matter what I tried to do. After my first consultation with David, he was able to create a customized regimen, for me, and my life changed. As I kept working with him, he was able to heal me from within, my body and overall wellness improved dramatically. Today I am an entirely new individual: pain is gone, weight is back to what it used to be, my blood pressure and cholesterol lowered, I can sleep, my skin is clear… moreover, I feel energized. Thank you, David, for changing my life!”


“Great Chiropractor, excellent staff. Highly recommend”


“Dr. Stella is the most gentle, and thorough chiropractor. He truly takes time with his clients.
He’s also a personable, funny guy. Great energy within the office.”

Mary H.

“I was recommended to Stella Chiropractic after an accident and Dr. Stella was very accommodating to my schedule. He explained everything and offered suggestions for things I could do outside of his office to aid in my healing. He was always very friendly as was his receptionist. I always felt welcome and comfortable. I am still using his suggestions for neck and back pain as they occur.”


“Dr Stella was patient, informative, professional, Great combination.”


“Great office love the Dr. skills and treatment”.


“Wonderful experience”