Dr. David Stella's

NMN Cream

The developer and manufacturer of NMN cream, Microstrada Research LLC, employs existing elements in New Combinations of Matter to create new highly efficacious products.

The first integral component is obviously Nicotinamide mononucleotide (“NMN”), which is known as the “anti-aging molecule”. Research has shown NMN stimulates blood flow, quickly bringing nutrients and oxygen to tissues and organs.

The second integral component is nicotine. Microstrada’s chief scientist, Bob Knight, was the first person to isolate the nicotine molecule, the smallest molecule of any amino acid or food alkaloid molecule.  Organic industrial nicotine is purchased as a malodorous, thick brown slur.  Bob has patented the process of isolating the nicotine molecule from the other primary ingredients to create an odorless aqueous solution. The amount of nicotine is sub-micron or homeopathic.

Bob has also patented the process of groove binding molecules without altering the structure or efficacy of the molecules.

Bob then groove binds the NMN and nicotine molecules and places them in a cream. Once the cream is applied to the body, the small nicotine molecule leads the attached NMN molecule through the skin and into the blood stream and tissue under the skin. NMN is converted into another compound which promotes the formation of tiny blood vessels in cells that line the muscle, as well as other tissue and organs.

Our NMN cream provides pain relief while healing. It promotes a healthy, younger looking skin; it can be applied on cuts and scrapes, and it relieves blood bruises in our senior patients.

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