Experts tell us that 1 in 2 people in our country are pre-diabetic or full-blown diabetic. Once you have diabetes you will die of a complication from diabetes. This condition is avoidable with diet and exercise. We as a community know this but are doing little to prevent the epidemic. Why? Because our brains are addicted to sugar. We are inflamed as a country. We have become addicted to sugar thru the Standard American Diet (SAD). When Dr. Stella told his patients that presented into the office to stay away from anything white, white sugar, white salt, white flour, was very difficult for them to follow thru due to the massive addiction we have for sugar.  Now Dr. Stella simply guides them into tapping into their biofield, easily discovering that their body does not like these foods and by eliminating these foods, their bodies inflammation decreases. What else causes inflammation? What are foods that you can consume that will lower the inflammation in your body lowering you brain fog, blood pressure, etc? Call Dr. Stella at 702-932-1798. He will be happy to guide into the path of increased vitality thru decreased inflammation.