Bionic HydroTherapy– Total body detoxification

Detoxify ¸ Energize ¸ Balance

Common complaints that bring people to Bionic HydroTherapy:

Heavy metal toxicity ¸ Chronic Fatigue ¸ Fibromyalgia ¸ Candidiasis ¸ Allergies ¸ IBS ¸ Athlete’s Foot ¸ Arthritis …. Just to name a few.

For centuries health care professionals around the world have used mineral/salt baths to help cleanse and detoxify the body slowly. A mineral/salt bath, Bionic HydroTherapy accelerates the detoxification process.

Bionic HydroTherapy generates mineral ions compatible with your body and gently draws out accumulated toxins via the lymphatic system. It’s like emptying a trash can allowing room for more elimination of cellular debris.

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